exhibition / projection / video

From September until December 2016 I did an intership at Nicole Martens. At the studio building they sometimes organize a Vertical Gallery, which takes place at the staircase. I created a new edition of this vertical exhibition, called Process in Progress. This exhibition represented the end of my internship. The purpose was to show work made during my internship, mostly darlings who were killed during processes of projects, to give insight to the studio activities. I chose to work with sketches from three projects, which I worked on the most over the period of three months. The exhibition Process in Progress showed end results on one side of the staircase, and processes, translations or experiments of this on the other side. The projection consisted of one video which was divided by three floors which showed processes of the projects in chronological order. The video was projected on decontextualized images of the end-results. Together with unreleased processes from last years intern Alida Glasbeek we submerged the staircase in a nice projection-space.