website / microscopic photography / video

Bacteria grow everywhere, even on artificial devices like our laptop or our telephone. These are even one of the places containing the most bacteria. In collaboration with the University of Wageningen. I took samples of my keyboard. Every key has different bacteria species and fungus. This provides a database of visuals connected to a specific key. The database consists of bacterial samples, microscopic pictures and laboratory atmosphere. Which creates an ecosystem on a mechanical system. The subject is the contrast between human and computer. The dynamics between human and the keyboard play a big part in this. There is a constant interaction between hands touching the keys and transmitting bacteria. This makes humans responsible for non-living objects connected to life.

The project will show the interaction between human and machines, how we connect non-living devices to life forms and how we are responsible for distributing life and movement. People are going to answer different questions connected to life on artificial devices. There are different visual outcomes for every question. Together with the index video they will show the Invisible Inhabitants of the keyboard.